Lisa Irby’s Websites

2 Create a Website

This is my oldest and most successful site, and I am proud to say it has helped thousands of people build their own websites and make money online.

It’s also allowed me to work from home since it earns 80% of my overall income.

2 Create a Website Blog

This is merely an extension of my static site above.  I use my blog to write about current topics and happenings in the world of website creation, blogging, making money online, promotion, etc.

2 Plan a Website

This site is a byproduct of 2 Create a Website.  So many people make critical mistakes even before they launch their sites.  So I wanted a separate site that only focuses on planning and understanding how making money online works.

I don’t even update the site anymore but I leave it up because it still generates some traffic.

Website Babble

This is a forum where webmasters/bloggers and soon-to-be’s can get help and ask questions about starting, promoting and making money from a website.

Easy Starter Templates

Great starter templates for static websites.  Highly customizable CSS/HTML templates with video instructions.

WP Starter Guide

If you’re new to WordPress and want to learn how to build an effective website, this is the tutorial for you.

Flat Stomach Exercises

I created this site in 2005, to test out the popular site building system called Site Build It.  I rarely update this site anymore but it still earns a decent passive income.

This is my natural hair website I created in 2010 after growing out my hair in its natural state.

I’m also on YouTube…

I have two YouTube channels.  One is for tips on making money and general Internet marketing topics.  The other is for programming (web design, Photoshop, WordPress, etc.)