Lisa Irby’s Websites

2 Create a Website

This is my oldest and most successful site, and I am proud to say it has helped thousands of people build their own websites and make money online.

It’s also allowed me to work from home since it earns 80% of my overall income.

2 Create a Website Blog

This is merely an extension of my static site above.  I use my blog to write about current topics and happenings in the world of website creation, blogging, making money online, promotion, etc.

Website Babble

This is a forum where webmasters/bloggers and soon-to-be’s can get help and ask questions about starting, promoting and making money from a website.

WP Starter Guide

If you’re new to WordPress and want to learn how to build an effective website, this is the tutorial for you.

This is my natural hair website I created in 2010 after growing out my hair in its natural state.

I’m also on YouTube…

I have two YouTube channels.  One is for tips on making money and general Internet marketing topics.  The other is for programming (web design, Photoshop, WordPress, etc.)

Take My Online Courses

I also teach on Udemy and you can see my growing list of courses here.